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Rita Battista

My name is Rita Battista, I am 53 years old and live in San Salvo. Since I was a girl attending Catholic church sporadically, I understood that something was wrong. There was too much confusion and inconsistencies: first the “creed” is said where he says that there is only one God, and immediately afterwards he… Leggi di più “Rita Battista”

Nicola Paiotti

Greetings to everyone, my name is Nicola, I am 40 years old, I am a worker, I work in a Fiat factory and I am married to Ivana. I was born in a classic non-practicing Catholic family, I have a sister and my parents have always loved us so much. The story I would like… Leggi di più “Nicola Paiotti”

Daniele Avantaggiato

My name is Daniele and I’m 30 years old. I was born and raised in a Catholic family not particularly practicing. My life has always been characterized by a strong passion for football that at the age of 13 led me to move to another city to follow my dream: to become a professional footballer.… Leggi di più “Daniele Avantaggiato”

Ivana Grifasi

Hi everyone, my name is Ivana, I was born and raised in Turin, a beautiful city full of whatever you want to find. I start by telling you that my life before was full of evening outings, I frequented the most beautiful clubs, the largest discos, I liked having fun to the fullest and I… Leggi di più “Ivana Grifasi”

"We are not discouraged from doing good; because, if we do not tire, we will reap in due time."

Gal. 6: 9

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