Nicola Paiotti

Greetings to everyone,

my name is Nicola, I am 40 years old, I am a worker, I work in a Fiat factory and I am married to Ivana.

I was born in a classic non-practicing Catholic family, I have a sister and my parents have always loved us so much.

The story I would like to tell you is the story of how the Lord changed my life and it can be divided into three phases: how my life was before, what happened after and how I live now.

I lived my life until the age of 32 in a fairly normal way, I was never one of those guys who went out to get drunk in the evening and I never smoked in my life, I could be considered a model of “good boy” but that said a lot of bad words and bad things …

Everything seemed to be going well and I didn’t miss anything because I had many friends and I was dating girls, I had a car of my own, my job, my money to spend when and where I wanted but I started to feel unwell of people and life . I was wondering why but I couldn’t understand it!

At some point in my life, I started to open my eyes to the sufferings that life presents to you with the first love experiences that ended badly and where I suffered very much, but also with the disappointments of the friends I trusted and I started like this to realize that the people around me were: bad, false, hypocritical, vindictive and all the evil that is seen in this world …

I no longer felt comfortable with all this and I started to go into crisis with my life itself and I asked myself:

“I don’t trust anyone anymore but I have only one life, I have to live it, but how can I live it if I don’t trust anyone anymore?”

Having friends, people I could trust in my life was absolutely important to me, because I didn’t want to be alone and with the people around me I felt the need to grow and know how to face life. I needed to have people around me who enriched me, who made me feel good, loved and who helped me live the right way … but I couldn’t find them!

I have to say a very important thing:

I have NEVER looked for God in my life, even if I had done all the sacraments, I hadn’t understood anything about who God was …
I HAVE NEVER READ THE BIBLE until then in my life …
I NEVER thought about what awaited me after death …

What happened after:

One day, I met evangelical believers in front of Mc Donald in Vasto, I was invited to their evangelical church and there I met people who were “different” from me and from the people I frequented in the world and this thing initially upset me and I asked the reason for their diversity!

The reason for this diversity was due to their personal relationship with Jesus, which made them different from everyone else!

All these people read the Gospel of Jesus!

So, I also decided to read this book that I had never read in my life and a little at a time, in a slow but constant path, the Lord was calling me to himself … so he made me understand the three most important things of my life:

and that crisis that I felt in my heart was THE WEIGHT OF SIN that ALL human beings have IN THEIR HEART!

So the Lord Jesus freed me from this burden and my eyes completely changed the way of seeing and living life, no longer as a burden but with the joy of living it together with the KING, the Lord, with the promise that it would be mine side by side every day of my life!

In Galatians 2:20 it is written << I was crucified with Christ: it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me! The life that I now live in the flesh, I live it in faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me >>

How I live now:

The Lord is really so good to me because he gave me the privilege of meeting a girl in my church who became my wife, I work in a factory and above all I dedicate my life to serving the Lord in my church. We have many church activities that we carry on with the zeal and passion that the Lord puts in our hearts, my desire is to be an instrument in His powerful hands and to be always ready to serve and be useful for the growth of the church .

May God greatly bless you and touch your heart by reading my testimony and give you the desire to start reading the Word of God too!