Senior – PASTOR 


Dr. Giovanni Greco

Hi, my name is Giovanni Greco, and I am a Senior Pastor of the Galed Evangelical Church.

Thank you for visiting our website. My desire is to make you “taste” everything that the Galed church lives. The Galed Church is a place where everyone is welcome, regardless of their background: single, married, divorced, young, old, religious or
anti-religious, atheists or agnostics etc. We are not for a religion, but for a relationship.

Our church vision is to walk and follow in the footsteps of the Lord Jesus. Furthermore, we want to be what the word Galed means, that is, ” A Group of Testimony ” (see Genesis 31: 47,48). We have not understood everything and we do not have all the answers, but we base our life of faith solely on the Word of God and on it we are building our daily life.

I am convinced that our Sunday meeting will be an interesting experience for all of you. A meeting with lots of live music, testimonies, videos and other forms of art to stimulate thought and guide our life to listening to the Word of God which gives answers to every question that modern man asks himself.

Equally interesting are the meetings with young people, who find fully resolutive answers to the issues that most concern them.

Our children’s classes are creative and fun. With the help of qualified teachers, the children are helped to know the love of God for them and to lay the spiritual foundations that will serve throughout their lives.

An important thing to know is that the life of the Galed Church does not stop within the walls of our building. When you want and are available, you can connect with a small group of people like you who meet in homes. 

The main interest of these groups is to build healthy relationships by taking care of each other and having the Word of God at the center. The Church is involved in serving other churches close to us and is connected with the world evangelical reality. We work closely with a variety of missionary organizations that are focused on the moral, material, and spiritual needs of people of all social levels.

This is our Galed Church! We want to be a starting point for those who want to know Jesus personally, a place where it is possible to develop life-changing relationships! We wish to be a support for those who want to continue this wonderful journey with Jesus!

Galed Church: “Preach the Gospel, so that his house will be full!” ( 2 Timothy 4 : 2; Luke 14 : 23).

In the One who can do everything!