Hi everyone, my name is Ivana, I was born and raised in Turin, a beautiful city full of whatever you want to find. I start by telling you that my life before was full of evening outings, I frequented the most beautiful clubs, the largest discos, I liked having fun to the fullest and I treated the boys as objects after all the disappointments received in exchange for the same coin and I’m not go too far in telling you what else I was doing worse …

Then it happens that one day, a cousin of mine, to whom I was deeply attached, tragically dies, and I do not hide that I blamed God for this, that I am desperately angry with him. I was sadly downcast, I was dead inside! Hence my search, in suffering and pain, for something that would have given answers to my existential questions. I was empty! Completely empty! I was looking for something without knowing what but determined to find out, until one day, five years after that terrible day, I met a boy who spoke to me about Jesus and who shortly afterwards gave me a Bible that I began to read as a history book, unaware of the fact that inside the wonderful book that is THE BIBLE, there were all the answers to my fateful existential questions! I started attending church, at first occasionally because I was still tied by my evening / night outings and therefore I didn’t get up early on Sunday morning, then attracted to the place that I felt like “home” and to the people who sang of Jesus, I began to attend regularly and my evening / night outings began to decrease until they disappeared.

At that time I was living together, I met a sister from the church who took care of me, who spoke to me about the fornication that God does not admit, and for those who do not know the term, fornication is linked to all that is sexuality outside the marriage and before the wedding, therefore it is clearly understood that sharing roof and bed does not make two people a married couple in the eyes of God. Then he read a verse that says: “therefore the man will leave his father and mother, and you he will unite with his wife, and the two will be one flesh “Matthew 19: 5 … this verse stunned me, I was not a wife and he was not my husband, this made me feel dirty, very dirty before the eyes of God! From that moment I decided to obey the Lord, depriving me of having intimate relationships with my partner who after a while I left because he had not understood what it meant for me to get to marriage as God commands.

Today I have no desire to fill the void I had by attending wrong discos and amusements, but that void has been filled by the love of a Father whom I want to know more and to whom I want to give my life because I belong to Him, and to the which I thank every day for making me understand that sin takes me away from Him and from eternity with Him. Yes, because once the body dies, the soul remains that is eternal, and today, as soon as possible because you don’t know when it is your time, here on this earth we have to decide which side to stay on: whether to continue sinning and then feed the evil one and in doing so we condemn our soul to burn in hell for eternity or accept the gift of salvation that God He made us by sending Jesus to die on the cross for us, and then spend eternity in the kingdom of heaven with Him. The Lord healed me from that deep pain that I had for the sudden loss of my cousin, he soothed that feri ta that blood gushed. I look at that now healed wound, and when I remember, the memory no longer hurts. Jesus frees from all evil and the main one is the sin that keeps us chained to evil. I chose to obey him, serve him and love him, in short, live with him and of him. Now it’s your turn …

Ps: I have been happily married for two years; now I am a wife and one flesh with my husband!


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