John B. saw Jesus come to meet him and said: “Behold the Lamb of God”. The Jews understood well what it meant: the lamb, in fact, was a sacrificial animal. The lamb was a substitute and his spilled blood was used to obtain forgiveness of sins. The sacrifices of the Old Testament are “illustrations” of the need for the “single and perfect” sacrifice of Christ Jesus. Here is the one who God has provided, the “perfect victim” for a unique sacrifice in history capable of taking sin upon himself. of all humanity. Here is humanity’s only hope. It is not the result of man’s ability or progress, but the “Gift of God”. The expression “… takes away the sin of the world” is truly reassuring, because while before the only people who benefited from it were the people of Israel, later, with the atonement of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, all the peoples of the earth have benefited. Therefore, still TODAY, the expression “Christ takes away sin from the world” is valid for all those who repent and believe in the Gospel. Therefore, Christ can take away “your” sin, if by faith “look to him” and start living with the right perspective of life that feels “hatred” for sin and pleasure in giving glory to God in Christ Jesus! The following day has already arrived, have you known the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world? Jesus’ sacrifice also applies to you! Good day!

In the One who can do everything!


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