Word of God


“Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” John 1:13

Many have the illusion that in one way or another, we will all be saved in the end and, therefore, that we can all be children of God. This verse of John shows THREE wrong ways and the right way to become children of God. Then, according to what the Bible says, one does not become part of the family of God: à (see v. 13)

1) NOR FOR HEREDITARYNESS “not … from blood”. You don’t become a believer because your parents are. Salvation is not transmitted by physical inheritance, it is not in our DNA.

2) NOR FOR A PERSONAL EFFORT “Nor by the will of the flesh”. We alone cannot, with all our good will, produce salvation. Even if we wish to be saved with all our heart, our personal will is insufficient to produce eternal salvation.

3) NOR FOR THE EFFORT OF SOMEONE ELSE “Nor by the will of man”. Nobody is able to save another person. Neither a priest, nor a preacher, nor any other religious minister can grant salvation. The right answer is at the end of v. 13: “… but they were born of God”.

Therefore, dear friend, the life of the true Christian does not begin on the basis of inheritance, neither of the environment, nor of personal resolutions; it is God who bestows “salvation”. Did you get it?

In the One who can do everything!