Word of God


“He came to his own, and his own received him not.” John 1:11

When one finds out who Jesus is and what he came to do here on earth, one should not “waste time” deciding whether or not to be on his side. The question arises: why are there so many incredulous people? When Jesus came “to his house”, that is, to his property, most men rejected him, especially the Jewish people. When he came to this world, Jesus presented himself to the Jews as their Messiah, but most “did not receive him”. Today the same thing happens. All people are called to recognize Jesus as Messiah, but they don’t. Many say they belong to Christ, but do not receive Him, because they are not willing to abandon their sins and let themselves be governed by Him.

Still today the Lord Jesus “comes to our earth”, through the Bible, the Word of God, or through radio and television programs or with the help of Christian literature. Are you among those who reject Him or among those who are “ready to receive Him”? The choice is up to you!

In the One who can do everything!