Word of God


“For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ” John 1:17

I don’t know how much you know about the law that was given to Moses. Do you know why it was given? Many have misunderstood the purpose for which God gave the law through Moses. The true purpose of the law is clear from all biblical teaching. The law was not given to be kept, but to REVEAL the true nature of sin. I’ll give you an example: “Who of you has ever had an X-ray? Do you know that X-rays cure any disease? Absolutely not! What do X-rays do? They reveal any “problems”. (see John 5:45; Rom. 3: 19-20; 7: 7; Gal. 2:16; 3:24). This is what the law of God does, given to Moses, simply REVEALS the “problems” – the “sin”, but does not give the solution. The SOLUTION is the “grace and truth” that came through Jesus. Are you under the law or under grace in Christ Jesus? If you feel the “weight of sin in your heart”, it means that the law has done its duty. Know now that the solution is not in religion or in trying to do good works, but the SOLUTION is JESUS! Christ Jesus paid the dear price of yours and my sin by dying on the cross. Face the day with this thought and then make your decision to RECEIVE IT!
In the One who can do everything!