12 “but to all who received him he gave the right to become children of God: to those, that is, who believe in his name;” (John 1:12)

How does a person become part of God’s family? Unfortunately, we must point out that most people “reject” Jesus as Messiah and Lord of life (see v.11). Today many think they are “children of God”, but do not live as such and there is no security in them. We can say, without fear of making a mistake, that this is “illegal adoption”. The bible says, “We are all creatures of God, created to become children of God.” The above verse gives an answer to the many people who experience the dilemma of how to become children of God, but this will be the subject of reflection tomorrow. May the Lord give you the joy of becoming “his children”

Good day!

In the One who can do everything!



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